Family Law

No two families are the same. Our approachable, understanding and experienced family team are committed to understanding your family, concerns and needs, exploring your options with you in order to achieve your aims, at every stage of your family relationship.

Starting a Relationship

Whilst no-one enters into a relationship expecting it to fail, no-one can predict what their future will hold.

If you are thinking about cohabiting, marrying or entering into a civil partnership, it makes sense to consider what might happen to your property and assets should your relationship end. By addressing these issues at the start of your relationship, you can protect yourself from the emotional upset, expense and delay caused by facing them if your relationship breaks down.

Our team offers advice in respect of:

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Pre Nuptial or Pre Civil Partnership Agreements
  • Ending a Relationship

The end of a relationship is an emotionally charged and difficult time for everyone involved. Many pressing and stressful issues can arise from relationship breakdowns including children, property and financial matters.

We can help manage and reduce the emotional and practical impacts of a relationship breakdown by providing you with clear, legal advice and support individually tailored to your circumstances.

Our team offers advice in respect of:

  • Deeds of Separation
  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • The Financial Settlement of Marriages or Civil Partnerships
  • Children

Emotionally charged disputes relating to the children of the parties sadly often follow a relationship breakdown. Difficulties can include matters such as with whom children should live, what contact children should have with their non-resident parent and what decisions should be made regarding the children’s upbringing. Our team is on hand to help you ensure that your children’s relationship with you is protected.

Our team offers advice in respect of:

  • Contact matters
  • Residence matters
  • Specific Issue matters
  • Prohibited Steps matters

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